Why an online Expert Workshop?

In the current environment, many product teams are now working apart. Working from home can be lonely, distractions are many and morale can suffer. As a product team, it’s good to have regular get-togethers to catch-up, share experiences and build a positive outlook

An online team meeting is good but it can be even better with a focal point for discussion and learning.

We can help with an online workshop focused on a specific product management topic and facilitated by an expert Product Focus senior consultant.

What is the format?

Our online workshops are a focussed, online session for 3 to 8 people from the same product team. They are led by one of our experienced Product Focus consultants and are an opportunity to explore in-depth one aspect of product management as a team.

Highly interactive and engaging and using the latest immersive online tools they are a valuable, motivating experience that will help improve ways of working.

What are the options?

  • Expert review. How does the product team compare? What are the key product management challenges?
  • We send each participant a pre-workshop questionnaire. We benchmark the answers against our annual industry survey, present them in the workshop and run a session to identify the key product management challenges for the team.

    (90 min online workshop & pre-workshop survey)

  • Effectiveness booster. With product teams working from home what can you do to make your team’s work as effective as possible?
  • How do you stay connected as a team? Which comms tools should you use for what? How can you support one another in your jobs?

    In this workshop, we help you explore the challenges, make suggestions and as a team develop a set of ideas to boost effectiveness.

    (90-minute online workshop)

  • Activities Audit. We know the key issue for many companies is that it’s unclear exactly what product management should be doing. So, what can you do to clarify what product management does and evangelize its value across the business?
  • We send each participant a pre-workshop questionnaire, then using our unique Product Activities Framework we run a review to clarify what the product team owns and how this compares to what we see in the market and best practice.

    This is followed by a presentation and discussion on the principles of product management, what it takes to be world class and how to evangelize this across the business.

    (Two 90 min online workshops & pre-workshop survey)

What next?

If you would like to discuss our online workshops or have a specific topic you would like to focus on, please get in touch.