It’s tough at the top!

You’re an experienced Product Management leader used to guiding your organization with your leadership skills and wisdom. You’ve been senior for some time and are the authority on all things Product Management. And yet… despite your success, Product Management still doesn’t have the status it deserves. Maybe it’s new to the organization or the senior management team just don’t realise the value it can bring. You still don’t have a seat at the top table and have to continually fight for the cause.

It seems to be a constant battle and you know there are problems that people don’t speak out about. New methods and tools keep appearing and distracting people. Self-doubt creeps in: maybe you’re a bit behind the times, which is hardly surprising given that you’re always so busy just keeping the lights on! How can you get back on the front foot?

The Emperor – one of the Product Leader Personas

We have worked with Product Management leaders from across the world, in many different industries and company settings. Through delivering our suite of services for leaders in Product Management and analyzing the responses to our annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey, we’ve built up a picture of the goals, frustrations, opportunities and vulnerabilities of product leaders. The Emperor persona is:

Career Background: Has been a senior Product leader for a long time, in multiple Product Management roles and companies. People see them as in control but underneath they may suffer from self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

Goals: Confidently guide the company towards known outcomes, show leadership and wisdom, stay current and relevant, maintain aura of omniscience, get a seat on the board.

Frustrations: I worry that people have doubts, but nobody speaks out, shiny new methods keep coming along; it’s hard to keep track, product Management still isn’t as valued as it should be, how can I get back on the front foot and maintain momentum?

Opportunities: Gain support from experts to confirm my thinking and to accelerate my plans, get updated on latest industry best practice, calm the voices constantly calling for random new methods to try, free my time up for strategic thinking.

Does this sound like you?

Yes, but I want to see the others!     No, maybe I’m one of the others!