The Lean Startup

Eric Ries introduces the idea of the minimum viable product as an approach for start-ups to learn quickly and evolve their business model before it’s too late.

Innovation Games

A great instruction manual on how to use games with your customers to uncover their needs and wants or as the books says - creating breakthrough products through collaborative play.

Inspired, How to create products customers love

An excellent book aimed at software product teams. Marty Kagan draws on his wide experience to give practical advice on prototyping, designing minimal products and measuring success.

Priceless, The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of it)

William Poundstone reveals the hidden psychology of how we react to pricing. It’s packed with interesting experiments, pricing tricks and tactics - all good stuff to have in your kit-bag if you work on pricing.

Blue Ocean Strategy

A great book on differentiation that provides a structured approach to help companies stand out i.e. moving them to a clear blue ocean where they have no direct competition.

The Innovators Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail

Prof Clayton M. Christenson provides an excellent review of the factors that led to high attrition in technology industries and highlights the lessons businesses should learn.

Predictably Irrational - the hidden forces that shape our decisions

Dan Ariely is a behavioural economist who studies the way people make decisions when they buy, sell and make real-life choices. A fascinating read with useful insights into proposition development.

Crossing the Chasm

Broke new ground in describing this critical phase in the product lifecycle of high-tech products and provides insight into how to achieve successful product adoption. Recently updated.

Product Strategy for High Technology Companies

This book focuses on product and platform strategies and highlights their importance as the foundation for growth in high technology companies.

Analysis for Marketing Planning

A great source of ideas and advice to help product managers and marketers understand how to collate, document and interpret information about their marketplace.

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A great course delivered by a dynamic and knowledgeable expert with real world industry experience. I believe regardless of their experience level anyone would learn something new. Best investment I have made for my team and business this year.
Phil Hornby - Head of Product Management Platforms, Diagnostics and Services, Continental
Please do everything you can to leave your day jobs at the door and fully engage in this course. I did it in September and can honestly say it is the most useful training I’ve done in my career.
Will North - Product Management Director, Callcredit (Will attended a Public Course then arranged Private Training for his team)
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much more than I expected! I've recommended you to a number of colleagues. The templates on the USB stick are proving extremely useful.
Andrew Sayle - Product Focus Certified Product Manager, Zen Internet
The course was superb and we’ve had excellent feedback from the team. Everyone learned – regardless of their history, experience or accountability level in the team.
Paresh Patel - Head of Product Management for Managed Mobility and Security, Vodafone Global Enterprise
Product Focus has delivered everything we were looking for from a partner and I am really pleased with the training feedback. We have valued enormously their advice, flexibility and professionalism.
Jennie Brown - International Learning & Development Director, CDK Global
6 months on - I think your product management course must have been the most valuable course of my career so far. I have used much of the material on the USB key and your analogy of being the CEO of the product really helps.
Ellie Ryan - Product Manager, Thomson Reuters
Overall very good and very useful. It helped me with the foundations, core and structure of my role and I look forward to getting back into the office to use my new skills.
Gavin Murphy - Product Manager, KCOM
I’ve used other companies for product management training in the past but this was the best I’ve seen - I and everyone in my team rated the course as ‘excellent’.
Simon Witkiss - Product Director, IRIS Software Group
Many thanks again for an excellent, informative and interesting course. As I mentioned on Friday I will certainly be sending any new product managers to you as and when they come on board!
Paul Prior - Sysnet Global Solutions

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