Explaining the value of product management to your company

Our Executive Briefing is a 2-hour workshop with senior management run online or at your offices. As industry experts, we explain the value that product management can bring to your business and give guidance on where to focus.

Do you lead a product management team or department?

If so, you will be familiar with the challenges of prioritization, limited resources, and getting support from the rest of the business. It can be challenging to stop focusing on the detail and see the bigger picture.

As independent industry experts, with experience across a range of companies and industries, we can give you new perspectives. Our Executive Briefing will help you discuss with your management the value that world class product management can bring to your business.

Are you introducing product management for the first time?

Are you moving from a project-based business to a more scalable product approach? Or maybe your business is growing, and senior management no longer has the time to work on detailed product activities.Executive Boardroom

Whatever the reason, our Executive Briefing can give you invaluable insights to guide you on the direction to take.

Read our white paper – Starting up product management, for the 6 questions you need to answer.

How does it work?

We start with a 1-hour call with the main sponsor to understand the context and status of product management in your business.

We then arrange a video conference or come to your offices to run a 2-hour workshop with invited senior management. This brings together insights we have gained from working with hundreds of technology companies over the last 14 years.

To arrange an executive briefing for your company, or to learn more, contact us today – [email protected].

Selling the value of Product Management

Read our white paper – Product management as a leadership role – which describes the journey to create a world class product management department.
Product Management as a leadership role white paper