Our world class training is now available online

If you’re stuck at home, or it’s too expensive to travel, then online training is a great way to upskill, increase the value of what you bring to your company and protect your career. Our online public courses are run as live online events for limited numbers of delegates. Anyone can attend.


For product teams from the same company, we offer online private training. These live sessions are a great way to bring the team together and focussed on improving product management. It’s an opportunity to step back, assess and ‘sharpen the saw’. And we can customize them to address your specific challenges.


We believe we offer the best product management learning experience available online.

Why clients choose us?

  • High-quality training: Our client feedback on Trustpilot and other testimonials show that this is exactly what we deliver.
  • Experience and expertise: We’ve been delivering training for 14 years, trained thousands of people and have over 22,000 subscribers to our resources
  • A motivational experience: We strive to provide the best possible online training experience to keep delegates engaged and energized.
  • Instructors who understand what’s important: Our senior consultants have all worked at industry-leading companies – they’ve been there and know what works.
  • Unique Frameworks: Our frameworks provide structure to help simplify and highlight what’s important in your context and with your products.
  • Ongoing support: We provide delegates with a huge range of high-quality best practice tools, templates and content in our online Toolbox.
  • Certification. By passing our certification exam, delegates can demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to professional development.

Once travel restrictions ease, we will re-start our face-to-face public courses and on-site private training.