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In-Life Product Management Journal
Product Marketing Product Management Journal
Take Control Product Management Journal
Strategy Product Managenent Journal
Training Product Management Journal
Requirements Product Management Journal
Roadmaps Product Management Journal
Market Analysis Product Management Journal
Agile Product Management Journal
Leading Product Management Journal
Pricing Product Management Journal
Business Cases Product Management Journal
Recession Product Management Journal
Propositions Product Management Journal
Launching Product Management Journal

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In-Life Product Management Journal


Making sure your product delivers when it matters

What is in-life? An explanation

Measure what matters: In-life metrics and reporting

Documentation: What should you have in place and top tips

Time well spent: Focus on what’s important

End of life: How to successfully withdraw a product

Insight: Where the rubber hits the road: The importance of in-life vs. new product development

Product Marketing Product Management Journal

Product Marketing

Getting products in front of customers and making sure they sell

Product Marketing? What is it?

The basics: Right message, right people, right place, right time

Planning: The delivery of marketing materials

Personas: Getting “under the skin” of our customers

Inbound marketing: Going digital to attract and convert leads

Insight: Artist and expert: Never underestimate the value of product marketing

Take Control Product Management Journal

Take control

Putting product management in the driving seat

Product management: Explained in a nutshell

The big issues: What are the big issues that come up again and again?

Smart businesses: The 7 things smart product managers and teams do

Insight: But I’m only a product manager: Take a lead to improve performance

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Strategy Product Managenent Journal


Setting the foundation for effective product plans

Product strategyWhat is product strategy and why is it important?

10 excuses: Why not to do a product strategy

Tools for strategy development: Playing to win, Blue Ocean strategy and other tools

Portfolio analysis: Visualize and plan the whole product set

Insight: Strategic failure: More than a vision – it has to deliver

Training Product Management Journal


Why it’s needed and how to make sure it delivers

Training: The options

Review: Pre-training analysis, reviews and assessments

Product management tube map: The things product managers need to know

Performance!: Making training stick

Justification: ROI and other models

Insight: Professional: Are you a well-intentioned amateur?

Requirements Product Management Journal


How to make sure they deliver

Requirements: The big picture

Who does what?: Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Vision: To inspire and guide the development team

Market Requirements Document (MRD): Setting the scene

4 options: How to write requirements: Classic, User Stories, Use Cases and Job Stories

Other types of requirements: Non-functional, process and UX requirements

Prioritizing: Tools to help you

Finished: When are you done?

Insight: Go deeper: The problem is the problem

Roadmaps Product Management Journal


Compelling roadmaps that align everyone to your vision

Roadmaps: How to build the perfect roadmap

Masterclass: Advanced ideas and strategy

Ideas: Sources and how to prioritize

Tools: To help you roadmap

Insight: Roadkill: Do Agile and roadmaps conflict?

Market Analysis Product Management Journal

Market Analysis

Understanding markets, customers and the competition

Market analysis: How to research and analyse your market

Talking to customers: What are they really thinking? Interview tips and tricks to help you.

Research: A how-to guide

Understanding competitors: Who are they and how to compete

Insight: The analyst racket: Conflicts of interest – a risky game

Agile Product Management Journal


And its impact on product managers

Agile: Everything you need to know about Agile

Scrum: The rules and its impact on the product owner

Product manager checklist: Survive and prosper with Agile

Tools: Software to help you manager requirements and projects

Scrum this! From the Cranky Product Manager’s blog

Insight: The dangers of Agile hype: Hype, dogma, religious-like zealotry – is there a bandwagon?

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Leading Product Management Journal


Product management and product marketing teams

The role: What does a product manager do anyway?

Leadership tools: Product manager personas and 20 things to make you great

Starting up: How to introduce product management for the first time

How are we doing? Measuring product management

Carve-up: Splitting responsibilities across multi-national companies

Insight: Motivation: How happy is your donkey?

Pricing Product Management Journal


Setting the optimum price. Tips, tactics and theory

How to price: The key to effective pricing

The psychology of pricing: How to get inside your customer’s mind

Pricing structures: What are they and which ones work best?

Software pricing: Options and Terminology

Insight: Take control of your pricing: Why it’s vital to get involved

Business Cases Product Management Journal

Business Cases

How to create outstanding business cases that deliver results

How to build a business case: Step-by-step guide, plus Top 10 Excel Tips

7 common mistakes: How to spot the warning signs

Scenarios: Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis

An idiot’s guide to finance: Key financial jargon and terminology explained

Insight: Lies, damn lies and business cases: Is being objective really rewarded?

Recession Product Management Journal


Stay ahead in a downturn. The product manager’s guide

Succeeding in a downturn: How to stay ahead when the market is going down

Tools for managing requirements: Perfecting the requirements management process

Outsourcing: The pros and cons for product management – Searching for ways to reduce overheads, is outsourcing the answer?

Job searching: What to do if the worst happens

Insight: Voice of the market: Do you have your finger on the pulse?

Propositions Product Management Journal


How to build sharper propositions that really work

Valuing needs: How to develop the best propositions: A three step guide

Persona profiling: Getting into your customer’s shoes

Thinking big: Propositions for big software products

Listen and learn: Customer feedback need not cost the earth

Insight: The Power of a proposition: Why product managers need propositions

Launching Product Management Journal


Hit the ground running and what not to do

Go-to-market: A step-by-step guide for a successful launch

Taking the lead: How to utilise early adopters

Launch checklist: Don’t miss a thing!

Stakeholder Management: A simple tool to manage your launch

Good timing: Choosing the right date

MVPs: Launching Minimum Viable Products

Insight: Outcome not output: It’s more than hitting the launch date

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