Product Activities Framework

The product activities framework identifies all activities that should take place in any company with products. Complete this form, to get your FREE copy.

Product Activities Framework — Product Management Framework from Product Focus

Note: this is the blueprint your product team needs.

Use the Product Activities Framework to:

  • See essential product activities in one picture
  • Identify owners for every activity
  • Agree team boundaries and responsibility
  • Prioritise areas for improvement
  • Provide a standard big-picture view and reference for all teams

Download the Product Activities Framework

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What Customers Say — Product Activities Framework

It’s a very interesting tool as it enables anyone to grasp in one simple infographic the complete view of what needs to be done. In my opinion, it’s also a tremendous tool to discuss with manager(s) about which team is responsible for which topic.

Thierry Moncoutié, Lectra

Yes the PAF is very useful to remind us of all the important other tasks while we’re busy firefighting 😉 Some kind of omnipresent bad conscience.

Robert Weinberger, ETM

Yes, I did receive your poster – it’s clear, colourful and an excellent resource for explaining Product Management.

Charlotte Margree, Cloud Direct

Just received your poster and it is flattening out on my desk. I’ve had lots of comments about it from my product team and also the rest of the senior management team and it’s sparked off some debate about our product launch process. Very impressed, thank you for sending it.

Dan Scholey, Product Director, Moneyhub

Thank you for the poster. I’ve shared it with the team and they liked it too. This is one of the few frameworks that I’ve come across that in fact I use on a frequent basis.

João Laranjeira, Product Management, TomTom

Thanks for the Product Activities Framework. It’ll go alongside my Product Management Lifecycle poster and is a welcome addition. Love the Product Focus stuff, and the journals are brilliant – great reference material and a must-have for any product manager (and non-product managers too!).

Nigel Williams, Product Manager, Lexis Enterprise Solutions

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