What is the journey a customer goes through before buying your product?

Prospective customers become more engaged as they move through the process of becoming aware of your product to the point at which they decide to buy. This is known as the buying cycle.

The buying cycle can vary in length, depending on your type of technology product. Some products e.g. consumer products will have a quick buying cycle, while others e.g. business products may take much longer – however, in both, the customer will move through the same steps.

The infographic provides checklists of the potential marketing activity needed to move prospective customers through each step of the cycle and sets out the key metrics that you need to monitor at each stage. There are also some handy tips and advice to help you make your buying cycle quicker and more effective.

Download the infographic now and check that you have everything in place to optimize the buying cycle for your customers.

The Buying Cycle infographic

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