What is the product management lifecycle?

The Product Management Lifecycle shows the process companies typically use to develop, launch and manage products. Any business can use it to analyze and improve the process of developing and selling its products.

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Our lifecycle model gives you a step-by-step visual guide to cover all the stages any product will go through, accompanied by useful checklists to ensure you have everything in place at each stage. It works whatever your development approach – Agile, Waterfall, or hybrid.

There are also various Product Lifecyle models that can help you as a product manager (see below).

How can it help you?

Use the Product Management Lifecycle model to:

  • Review and improve your company’s process for developing and managing products
  • Work with an Agile, Waterfall or hybrid development approach
  • Use at a product, release or feature level
  • Ensure you’re working effectively at all stages – from start to end
  • Checklist each stage, so you don’t miss anything
  • Agree on responsibilities to work smoothly with other teams in your business

Product management Lifecycle

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Product Lifecycles

There are a whole variety of ways different product lifecycle models can be used – with MVPs and Optimum products, the concepts of break-even point and payback, and how you manage the launch and end-of-life stages of a product. See more details and download the free infographic here.

Product Lifecycle