Product Management Leader Personas

To help us understand the challenges of product management leaders we have developed 4 personas. They are based on how much product management experience you have and whether you have held senior positions in the past. They identify the goals and frustrations you can face and the opportunities open to you.

It’s hard staying on top of industry best practices, trends, and innovations while providing strong leadership for your team. You might not want to admit that you are unsure about something, but in our experience, there’s no single ‘right answer’ and new techniques develop all the time.

Our approach to product management is the result of hands-on experience leading product teams large and small, from start-ups to multi-national technology companies. In addition, our ongoing research and consultancy keeps us at the cutting edge of developments.

We can help you to overcome today’s challenges and deliver world class product management and product marketing in your business. For example, attend our Leading Product Management course, let us help you evangelize product management to your senior team in an Executive Briefing or create a roadmap to world-class performance with a Product Management Review by our experts.

So which persona are you?

Product Management Leader Personas infographic

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