Well done – you’ve fast-tracked to product management leadership

Now comes the hard part… living up the hype! Product Management is a complex and far-reaching field, and it’s notoriously difficult to position within an organization. It’s not surprising that many people in product management leadership roles for the first time feel pressure to perform, sometimes in an environment of inertia or confusion.

To justify the faith put in you despite your lack of product management leadership experience, you need to make an instant impact. Native wit alone won’t do it – you need to rapidly absorb what seems like an ocean of knowledge, and every department wants a piece of you!

Rising Star – one of our Product Leader Personas

We have worked with Product Management leaders from across the world, in many different industries and company settings. Through delivering our suite of services for leaders in Product Management and analyzing the responses to our annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey, we’ve built up a picture of the goals, frustrations, opportunities and vulnerabilities of product leaders. The Rising Star persona is:

Career Background: A conspicuous talent within an organization, been fast-tracked through several roles, excelling at each of them. A versatile performer with a promising future, and may not stay here forever, but the company will try hard to keep hold of them.

Goals: Make an instant impact to continue their career momentum. Do things the right way, good enough isn’t good enough. Learn about industry best practice to increase their career opportunities.

Frustrations: People here are so stuck in their ways! We’re behind the curve! Product Management has no authority and I’m struggling to convince people. I’m persuasive and confident, but I don’t actually know how to do Product Management!

Opportunities: Influence people from across the business by bringing in expert consultants. Fast-track learning of best practice to get competent quickly. Shake things up a bit, creating the opportunity to make changes happen.

Does this sound like you?

Yes, but I want to see the others!     No, maybe I’m one of the others!