Been left a mess by a previous Head of Product Management, or is it a new role?

You’re an experienced senior professional who’s been put in charge of Product Management. Maybe it doesn’t exist yet or maybe it’s clearly not all it should be. It seems to be a minefield of jargon, with differing opinions about how to do things, and no way to judge performance. If you don’t get to grips quickly, your credibility may be damaged!

Although every business has its own particular characteristics, there’s no excuse for not using best practice or measuring competency and performance. Most of the issues your organization faces have been overcome elsewhere, so the wise thing to do is to learn lessons from experts in the field. Learning the ropes is a challenge, so to buy the time you need, you need to first to assess the current state of affairs.

Safe Hands – one of our Product Leader Personas

We have worked with Product Management leaders from across the world, in many different industries and company settings. Through delivering our suite of services for leaders in Product Management and analyzing the responses to our annual Product Management and Product Marketing Survey, we’ve built up a picture of the goals, frustrations, opportunities and vulnerabilities of product leaders. The Safe Hands persona is:

Career Background: Seasoned professional, senior roles in various organizations, been given Product Management to ‘sort out’ because of the departure of a Head of Product, it’s in a mess, or there hasn’t previously been a Product Management function.

Goals: Quickly get to grips with what Product Management is all about, assess the performance and risk of the existing product practice, benchmark against best practice in other organizations.

Frustrations: Product Management is a minefield of jargon! There are multiple ways of doing everything – what’s right for us? Everyone here is telling me different stories, and we have no KPIs! I’m losing credibility!

Opportunities: Get expert briefing on what Product Management should be about in this company, benchmark ourselves against industry best practice, buy myself some time while I learn the ropes, gain ammunition for the changes inevitably needed.

Does this sound like you?

Yes, but I want to see the others!     No, maybe I’m one of the others!