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If you lead a product function it can be difficult to know where to turn for good advice.

You might not want to admit to your boss that you are unsure about something. You want to provide strong leadership to your team. And you want to stay on top of industry best practice.

We can help.

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Product Management Leadership ForumProduct Management Leadership Forum brochure

Our exclusive one-day workshop is focused on leading and improving product management.

It is aimed at product management leaders in technology-based industries.

Through a series of presentations, workshops and discussions this forum will

  • Explore how to build a world class product function
  • Help you create a roadmap to build the value of product management in your business
  • Give you an opportunity to discuss the issues that matter with peers and industry experts
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Reviews and Assessments

Reviews and Assessments

Our Product Management Assessment is a structured review of the product function in your business.

Through interviews, analysis and benchmarking we provide a set of practical recommendations to answer questions such as:

  • Are we set up right and using best practice?
  • How do we move from a project to a product-based approach?
  • How do we make our product management world class?
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Executive Briefing

Executive Briefings

It can be useful to have an independent industry expert help you discuss with your management what world class product management looks like.

Or if you’re introducing product management for the first time it can be invaluable to have insights from industry experts who know where to focus.

Our Executive Briefing is a 2-hour workshop with your senior management. We come to your office and outline the value that best practice product management can bring to your business.

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The Value of Product Management

What's the point of product management?

What’s the point of product management tells the story of how a product team move from being undervalued fire-fighters to becoming respected leaders for their products within a business.

It’s aimed at Senior Managers and explains the value that world class product management can bring to a business.

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