At Product Focus, we conduct annual research on product management across the world. Product Management Industry Survey 2021 front cover Each year we ask product people about their roles, issues, salaries, and day-to-day activities. This includes Product Managers, Product Owners, and Product Marketing Managers as these roles often overlap.

If you want to know about product management salaries, what product people spend their time on, what product management development approach they use and their big issues, then you’re in the right place!

All the responses for this report were gathered in January 2021. The survey results represent the industry norm – not best practice. You can find out about best practices by signing up for our free resources or attending one of our training courses.

You can see survey highlights below and download the full report here.

Download the 2021 Industry Survey      Listen to the webinar recording

Insights from across the world

Thank you to the 1,083 people who took part in this year’s Product Management Industry Survey. Most were from the UK and Europe (86%), but we had significant numbers from the US (6%) and elsewhere (8%).

47 countries and 641 companies are represented. Read on for further details from the survey.

Product management survey insights from across the world

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