How your product measures up against the competition is crucial. You need to have an answer when customers ask, “Why should I buy from you rather than your competitor?”

So, how do you find out about your competitors – especially in Business-to-Business (B2B) markets? How do you position yourself against them? How do you communicate about competitors to your sales channels?

In this webinar, we share some tools, tricks, and tips that will give you a head start on your competition.

Join our 45-minute webinar led by industry-expert Aidan Dunphy to learn more.


Date and time:

Monday 17 June 2024: 12:00 UK / 13:00 CEST / 07:00 EDT / 04:00 PDT


About Aidan Dunphy:Webinar Speaker: Aidan Dunphy

Aidan is a Product Focus Senior Consultant. He has held Head of Product, Product Director, and Chief Product Officer roles in technology vendors and digital agencies, within a broad range of industries, including the public sector, financial services, retail, automotive, and healthcare.

Aidan has deep experience in the full software lifecycle, including start-ups, scale-ups, and management of mature product portfolios. He has built and worked with world-class product teams and is equally at home with disruptors and Fortune 500 corporations.