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One of the questions we get asked a lot is … is online training as good as face-to-face training?

Our answer is that they are different.

Is a home-cooked meal better than a restaurant meal? Well, it depends on what you fancy at the time, what is available and most convenient.

With face-to-face training, you get to meet other delegates and the instructor in person. With online training, you interact via your computer but you don’t have to travel.

And there are different types of online training.

You might have experienced self-paced online training where you read some documents, watch a set of videos, and do some tests. It’s easy to switch off or get distracted.

But another version of online training is a live interactive event where you attend and do exercises with a small number of other delegates supported by instructors. It’s much more immersive and engaging. That’s what we’re offering and we are getting great feedback from the delegates who attend.

If you manage products, why not find out how good our live online training is by attending a free 30 min taster session.

To take part, you will need a computer with a microphone and webcam and headphones. You also need to test your internet connection and install the Adobe Connect app (ideally). Your connection can be tested and the app installed by clicking the button below. If you are unable to install the app due to company IT restrictions, you can join via the browser.

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