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Improve your product team’s performance and learn industry best practice with our world class training and workshops.

Many clients choose our proven 3-day public course while others prefer a more focused approach. Either way, we will work with you to create training that fits your needs and then deliver it at a time and location that suits you.

“I held a call with a couple of attendees and the stakeholder earlier, they had really positive feedback. The manager said that there has been a behavioural change plus time efficiencies. They were really happy with the toolkit they could use following attending the course. They spend a day going through this and it has really speeded up their processes.”
Cheri Boucher, Learning Partner, BT

Why choose private product management training?

Training benefits

  • Learn best practice. Gain the skills needed for a full range of product-related activities.
  • Tailored to your needs. Focusing on specific problem areas and using your company’s products in exercises.
  • Complete confidentiality. Allows full and open discussion without worrying about exposing company secrets.
  • Build team spirit and efficiency. Builds a common language and expertise across the team. Re-energizes and inspires.
  • Practical approaches. Tools, templates and checklists that can be taken straight back to the office rather than academic theories.
  • Expert instructors. With in-depth product management experience across a wide range of companies and industries.
  • Invest in your employees. By offering certification and showing a commitment to building a professional product management team or department.
  • Big return on investment. For 6 or more people, an on-site course is usually the most cost-effective approach.

Clients often ask us to address specific issues during the training

We start with a call to understand your objectives and discuss any specific product issues you may have in your business. Following this, we provide a clear and detailed proposal with suggested course content and pricing.

3daycourseWho should attend?

We typically see a mix of different roles attending – Product Managers, Product Marketers and Product Owners. We find that everyone benefits from an understanding of the full context of the different roles. Those who are new, rapidly build their skills and knowledge. More experienced participants get an excellent refresh and broadening of their skills.

What does the training include?

What is the experience like?

Courses are a mix of presentation, discussion and exercises. Our aim is to embed learning and keep participants engaged and energized. You can see what the experience is like in the video below on the left. See what a past client says about our private training in the video on the right.

What is covered?

The training is designed to meet your needs using modules from our 3-day course (see below) and an extensive library of additional material. This is always customized to spend more time on the issues that are important to you and to use your companies’ products in key exercises.

  • Module 1: The product management and product marketing roles
  • Module 2: Market analysis
  • Module 3: Developing propositions
  • Module 4: Business cases
  • Module 5: Pricing
  • Module 6: Product development and requirements
  • Module 7: Launching and in-life management
  • Module 8: Product strategy
  • Module 9: Personal effectiveness

Many clients ask us to deliver our flagship 3-day course as it covers the full range of product management activities and they can offer certification to their employees.

Is the training certified?Product management certification

Training based on the 9 modules in our standard 3-day course can include Product Focus certification. Our certification demonstrates that participants understand how to apply best practice tools and ideas in real-world situations. Candidates take an online exam after the course and if successful become a Product Focus Certified Product Manager. More details here.

What additional resources are provided?

Participants are given printed reference binders of the slides and free access to our online Toolbox with all the Product Focus resources and soft copy tools.

What support do you get after the course?

All delegates are provided with 12 months’ access to our Toolbox.

This provides secure access,to alumni-only content including all our tools, templates and checklists as well as our webinar training videos. The Toolbox also provides convenient access to all our infographics, reports, and Journals as well as detailed Tool Guides for all the tools described on the course. It is regularly updated and provides access to high quality best practice resources when they are needed.

Is there pre-training work for participants?

We normally send participants a pre-course questionnaire, which allows us to understand more about current roles and learning needs.

Why Product Focus?

What makes us the best?

  • Our flagship 3-day course. For the past 10 years, we’ve been constantly updating the course to keep it relevant and current. And we get lots of feedback as it runs somewhere in the world every week. Plus we pack everything you need into an intensive 3 days rather than a series of 1-day workshops.
  • We have the experience. Our reviews and assessments give us unparalleled access into product management at industry-leading companies. It doesn’t matter if you have digital, physical or service products and target businesses or consumers – if you work with multiple products in multiple markets we can help.
  • Our unique frameworks are simple to understand and apply. And our huge range of Journals, Infographics, Webinars, and Reports are highly valued.
  • We provide high-quality training. We’ve taught thousands of people and worked with hundreds of companies. Our public courses are independently reviewed (see our references on Trustpilot) and we provide a memorable and highly-effective training experience.
  • We promote a flexible approach. We provide a range of industry-leading tools and ideas to apply based on a company and individual context (rather than promoting a rigid methodology).
  • We are global. Our team of instructors has extensive experience leading international product management and product marketing teams. We’re the European leaders in product management training and operate across the world.
  • We know world class product management is key to a successful business. As a leadership role, it brings the business strategy to life, delivers more profit and cuts waste.

Excellent news! Learning I’d passed the Product Focus certification really made my day and a gave me a very good start to the holidays. Thank you for the helpful, informative and knowledge-rich course. I appreciate your ef...
Khaled Anani, Senior Product Manager, Cerence Inc. -
Having attended your course a few months ago, I just used your toolbox to do a customer-focused session – it was very easy to navigate the toolbox and was an incredibly productive session.
Natalie Kretzschmar, Senior Product Owner, BT Group -
The training has already started to pay off by giving me a different lens with which to look through as I help my teams navigate interactions and collaborate with our technology partners. I appreciate the content from the co...
Jim Stocker - Sr Mgr, Strategic Services, Ultimate Software
I was up very late finishing my exam and the message was that the results would be sent in three weeks' time. I was preparing myself to contain the nervous anticipation and so your email this morning was the best start I coul...
Kavya Manjari - Product Focus Certified Product Manager, HTI8
Thank you for your email letting me know I passed the exam. It gave me a big, happy start to my work day! The exam questions really made me think about the answers, and doing that reminded me how much I learned and enjoyed th...
Trupti Kulkarni - Product Manager, DANTE (now GÉANT)
Product Focus is a big deal for us. I can say that Product Focus has certainly shaped if not defined our organization and product management. Thank you.
Rastko Carapic - Co-Founder & Product Manager, Agremo
The course has given me so much more confidence in my role. I feel equipped with the tools, techniques and know-how to succeed. I can’t wait to get back to the office and start my job all over again!
Helenna Vaughan-Smith - Acquire Product Lead, Good Energy
Fantastic course - really thorough and very useful overview of all aspects of product management. Very clear and easy to follow. Examples of real life product examples are great - maybe a few more B2B examples.I shall be ...
Lesley Wilson - Head of Global Satellite Products, Arqiva
The course is excellent for new starters. It was great to learn and re-fresh the content and details again. Definitely 3 days of fruitful training.
Dr. Dietrich Koester - Product Manager, LGC Genomics
The course went really well last week – the delegates were very complimentary and found the course really useful, especially those who are newer into their roles.
Hayley Cooke - People Business Partner, Inspired Gaming

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