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Product management certification is an investment in your career and shows you’re serious about your professional development

The Product Focus certification covers the full range of product management and product marketing disciplines. It focuses on how to apply best practice tools and ideas in real-world situations. It builds confidence and credibility with peers, managers and employers.

Product Management Certification Status

Candidates who pass our exam will become a Product Focus Certified Product Manager.

There is no standard professional certification in product management. Different training companies have their own approach. Ours focuses on what matters to product managers and product marketers – are they able to apply what they’ve learned in realistic situations?

Employers increasingly recognize the qualification and ask us to confirm that potential employees have been certified.

Qualification also means a lot to many product managers.

“Thank you for your email letting me know I passed the exam. It gave me a big, happy start to my work day! The exam questions really made me think about the answers, and doing that reminded me how much I learned and enjoyed the training course.”
Trupti Kulkarni, Product Manager, DANTE (now GÉANT)

“I was up very late finishing my exam and the message was that the results would be sent in three weeks’ time. I was preparing myself to contain the nervous anticipation and so your email today morning was the best start I could ask for! Thank you for your support. Needless to say I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire experience. It was useful, engaging and very efficient!”
Kavya Manjari, Product Focus Certified Product Manager, HTI8

How to add your certification on LinkedIn instructions
Product Focus Certified Product Managers receive a certificate in the mail and are registered by us.

In addition they can use the unique Product Focus Certified Product Manager logo in their email signature, LinkedIn profile and professional biography.

Authorized training courses

Our 3-day Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products training course is authorized for certification. Anyone who attends our public 3-day course is automatically eligible to take the exam free of charge.

Many of our private training courses are also authorized for certification although there may be a charge to take the exam. If you are uncertain, please get in touch.

Certification examination

All the material in the exam is covered in our 3-day course and Product Management Journals. The exam is taken online after the course has finished. It is open-book so you can use your course notes and the Journals as reference material.

After the course you will be emailed a unique code to access the exam. It should take about 90 minutes to complete. You can take the exam at your convenience but it must be completed within 3 weeks.

Marking the exam can take up to 2 weeks and you will be emailed your result. If you fail you are allowed to retake the exam free of charge one additional time. The pass/fail decision is final and to protect the integrity of the exam we will not provide correct answers or recommend areas for improvement.

If you need to pay to take the exam you can register using the button below. £99 (ex VAT).

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