Product management as a leadership role White Paper

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How to turn product management into a leadership role?

How can you increase the value and influence of product management in your organization?

It depends on how product management is done at the moment. This white paper can help if…

Your product team is too busy firefighting. Important things are dropped, and there is no time to lead the product and do the more strategic work that will benefit the company and impress senior management.

Your product team is too technical or set in its ways. They gravitate to the delivery side of product management, which is their background and where they feel comfortable, but important commercial activities are just not happening. Or they see their job as making sure the developers are kept busy.

The sales team dominates your company. A new opportunity comes along, and the roadmap is reconfigured one more time to win the deal. Complexity, technical debt, and operational challenges mount up.

If you recognize any of these issues, this white paper will give you the ideas, arguments, and tools to tackle things head-on.

It’s about making product management into a leadership role. It’s about moving from firefighting to more strategic product activities. It’s about having more influence and providing more value in your business.

That’s good for your company and good for you.

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