Our partnership approach

Business context and priorities change. Product managers come and go. Best practice doesn’t standstill.

Many companies value our partnership approach. This is a long-term relationship where we build a deep understanding of your business and provide ongoing support and expertise. This helps you to build and maintain a high-quality team and way of working to achieve world class product management.

Our focus is to make an impact in your organization and deliver long-term benefits.

How does the partnership work?

We usually start with a Review to thoroughly investigate and understand (audit) product management in your company. This is a focused consulting assignment based on a proven process and unique tools to research product management in your business. We then analyze and benchmark against world class product companies and provide practical recommendations for a program of continuous improvement.

Some companies are confident they understand the challenges they have and so the partnership begins with a training needs assessment followed by a customized program of on-site training. Our regular public courses mean that any new product managers who miss the program can quickly catch-up.

Furthermore, we provide support to help you apply what’s been learned. This ranges from the online resources in our Toolbox, to deep-dive workshops on particular challenges or Executive Briefings to explore the value of product management.

Our Senior Consultants build-up an understanding of your business context and challenges. Regular calls, quarterly face-to-face meetings, and annual product management strategy reviews keep things moving forward. We work together on your roadmap for improving product management.

Ongoing implementation support

Product Management Partnership

Following an audit or training program, we help you embed learning to ensure you get the long-term benefit. This includes:

  • Online Toolbox access: The information people need to tackle key product activities such as document templates, checklists, videos, tool guides, book reviews as well as our infographics and journals.
  • Mentoring and coaching: Our senior consultants mentor leaders or coach members of their team so they’re able to work through the specific issues they’re facing.
  • Deep-dive workshops: Highly interactive workshops that build on our training and go in-depth on 1 or 2 key topics leaving participants with insights for their markets or products that can immediately be applied and further developed. Examples include: taxonomy, market segmentation & sizing and proposition messaging.
  • Executive briefings: Effective product management requires that senior leaders are aligned and supportive of their role and value. This workshop helps surface issues and gain alignment on product management in your organization.
  • Product management briefings: Good product management engages all parts of the organization. These briefings evangelizing the value and role of product management across the business.
  • Best practice example documents: When introducing tools or changing ways of working, your team might be uncertain about what’s expected of them. Having an external consultant create ideal exemplars of documents or to provide constructive feedback on what your team has produced can be all that’s needed to keep things on track.
  • Review processes and documents: Improving ways of working often means designing, developing and launching new processes or documents. You might have the internal expertise to do this but having an external perspective can prevent wasted time and assure a smooth rollout.