An exclusive 1-day workshop for product leaders

Through a series of presentations, workshops, and discussions, the Leadership Forum will explore how to build a world class product management team or department. This workshop takes place in London.

Why a forum for product management leadership?

Product management conferences are a good source of new information. However, you can spend a lot of time passively listening to people present. Or you can find yourself with a mix of people from all levels whose jobs are completely different to yours. 

The Product Focus Leadership Forum is for product leaders. It has a high degree of participation and discussion with peers who are facing similar challenges across different technology industries. It gives the dedicated focus and expert support needed to address the issues effectively. 

Is it for you?

If you’re like many product management leaders, you’re very busy, and there is little time and support for working on building a high-performance product management team. The Leadership Forum provides an oasis away from the usual daily distractions – dedicated time and space to focus. 

What are the benefits?

  • Learn what a world class product department looks like 
  • Talk with peers and industry experts about the big issues you face and get insider perspectives and advice
  • Discuss how to sell the value of product management to senior management and across the business
  • Access unique tools and frameworks to take away and apply 
  • Create a plan to lead and improve product management in your business


If you’d like to learn how to manage a product management department, function, or team, then take a look at our live online Product Leader Training.