Leading Product Management – Training Course

Targeted at leaders building and leading product management teams or entire organizations, this advanced course hones leadership skills, strategic approaches, and team mastery.

This course is not for new or inexperienced product managers – for foundational training, see Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products.

Course Objective

Equip seasoned product management professionals with the strategies and skills to build and lead high-performing product management teams, ensuring impactful product outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria

To attend this training course you MUST either:

  • Already be leading a team of product managers OR
  • You are about to start leading a team of product managers

In either case, you MUST

What will I learn?

You’ll learn the essential skills to build and run high-performing product management teams and organizations – so that you can deliver world class product management strategy and outcomes.

  • Strategic Alignment: Understand how to create product strategy that’s aligned with your company’s broader vision and goals, ensuring consistent delivery through your product managers
  • World Class Delivery: Grasp how to deliver world-class product management at scale, maintaining a high standard across diverse products and teams
  • Product Management Organization: Learn effective ways to organize your product managers, considering factors like company divisions, product lines, and geographies
  • Delivery Models Mastery: Examine and understand various delivery models like agile, waterfall, and hybrid, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in product roll-outs
  • Leadership Confidence: Be confident in your product management leadership expertise, leading teams through various challenges and decision-making processes
  • Stakeholder Management: Develop the skills to manage key stakeholders across the business, ensuring collaboration and alignment in product initiatives
  • Team Development & Dynamics: Delve into methods for recruiting, motivating, and mentoring team members, ensuring the optimal performance and dynamics of your product management teams

We’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to create your own product management operating model and playbook, enabling you to set product strategy and guide your product managers to deliver effectively.

You will improve your skills and understanding through the perfect mix of theory and individual and group activities. What’s more, you will be engaged and feel energized as you experience a rich blend of interaction, discussions, and exercises.

Course Syllabus

We provide the course in online and in-person/face-to-face formats.

  • The live online course runs over 5 consecutive half-days.
  • The in-person course is 3 full days in London or Amsterdam.

Highly experienced product leaders deliver the course. Delegates tell us how they love the opportunity to share experiences with peers from other companies. Also, they greatly value the insights from our expert instructors. Because of this, they get value far beyond the course material they learn.

Note: This course does not teach you how to build roadmaps etc. For this, please see our flagship course: Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products. So, if you haven’t attended this course or don’t currently lead a team of product people, please get in touch to ensure this training is suitable for you.

Why attend?

  • Become more effective. Learn how to manage a world class product management function and a team of product people.
  • Networking. We limit this exclusive course to 15 delegates. Because of this, you have time to meet other leaders and share your product management challenges – perfect for learning from your peers and instructors.
  • Gain confidence and insight. You will gain a thorough understanding of your role. Also, you will get practical insights from peers from other companies. So this will give you more confidence to take action.
  • Improve your profile. You will learn how to sell the business value of product management within your organization. As a consequence, you will be able to deliver greater value and raise your profile.
  • Quiz expert instructors.  Each instructor is a highly experienced product management leader. So, they have deep knowledge across a wide range of companies and industries. Therefore, you can gain valuable insights not available in textbooks.
  • Improve product management performance. We will provide you with unique tools developed from helping thousands of clients for over 16 years.  You can then review the product management in your business and create a set of practical recommendations (and an action plan) to improve your product management.
  • Post-training support. After training, we give you access to our industry-leading online Product Focus Toolbox. So, this equips you with great insights, best practice tools and templates, journals, infographics, and videos. Therefore, you will have everything to take action and make an impact.

The course is structured to address the four key areas that impact product leaders: Strategy, People, Organization, and Delivery.