Online training for product management leaders

Through our product leader training, learn how to manage a product management function, department, and team.

Our live online course, Leading Product Management, is aimed at anyone leading (or aiming to lead) product management.

It runs over 4 consecutive half-days. Each session is an engaging mix of theory, and individual and group activities that improve your skills and understanding. Interaction, discussions, and exercises keep you fully engaged and energized.

The product leader training course is run by two highly experienced product leaders and we find that delegates learn from each other as well as the course instructors.

Note: if you have not attended our flagship course Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products or don’t currently lead a team of product people, please get in touch to make sure this product leader training course is suitable for you.

Why attend?

  • Become more effective. Learn how to manage a product management function and team of product people.
  • Networking. This course is limited to 12 delegates, so you will be encouraged to share your product management challenges and learn from your peers and the instructors.
  • Gain confidence and insight. Through a thorough understanding of your role and by sharing experiences with peers from other companies.
  • Improve your profile. Learn how to sell the value of product management in your business.
  • Quiz expert instructors. All are highly experienced product management leaders with in-depth experience across a wide range of companies and industries.
  • Improve product management performance. Using our powerful unique tools we support you to review the product management in your business and create a set of practical recommendations to improve performance.
  • Post-training support. Delegates get access to our online Toolbox – an industry-leading source of best practice tools, content, and videos.

The course is structured to address the four areas impacting leaders today: Product Operations, Product Strategy, Product Execution, and Product Organization.