Making the best of challenging times

In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to check that you’re set up right to succeed in a challenging economic and business environment. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t work when solving the challenges product leaders face.

You face the usual challenges defined by market conditions, the types of products you provide, how product responsibilities are split, the development approach, and the size of your business. Now businesses are additionally faced with supporting distributed and remote teams, maintaining morale and helping them deliver world-class product management whilst staying safe.

We’re here to help.

Research, Reflect and Renew

We use our proven Audit process to investigate product management at your company. We conduct extensive research in your business, analyze and benchmark against world class product companies using our unparalleled database, then design for you a program of continuous improvement. Our research can be carried out on-site, or more appropriately at this time, remotely using video communication.

Our research shows that over 65% of our recommendations are implemented within 12 months. Some examples:

US Financial services company

  • Taxonomy definition: workshop to defined taxonomy levels and naming to use across business
  • Roadmaps: facilitated workshops with each teams, common structure agreed, and draft roadmaps defined for each team, providing improvement in cross-functional and team awareness with increased understanding of “intercept, “conflict” and “dependencies”
  • Prioritisation approach: Common structure defined to drive consistent approach aligned with the business

African Solar Energy Business

  • New Product Development (NPD) Process: updated and all templates changed
  • Proposition: customer needs and personas now routinely used
  • Roadmaps: used by hardware team and visible to those that need to see across the business
  • Strategy communication: 3 year strategy defined and communicated from management team to improve bottom-up alignment
  • Management team governance: redefined to improve decision-making at working level vs. management level

Why Product Focus?

  • Our experience with hundreds of companies and thousands of product managers. We know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Flexible, agile approach using our unique tools that allow us to pinpoint common issues and their solutions quickly.
  • Unparalleled benchmarking platform used by our consultants for insights and best practice.
  • Practical and impartial stance, ensuring we will have a big impact on your business