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ANCHOR FOR in-life


Making sure your product delivers when it matters

What is in-life? An explanation

Measure what matters: In-life metrics and reporting

Documentation: what should you have in place and top tips

Time well spent: Focus on what's important

End of life: How to successfully withdraw a product

Insight: Where the rubber hits the road - The importance of in-life vs new product development

ANCHOR FOR product-marketing

Product Marketing

Getting products in front of customers and making sure they sell

What is Product Marketing? All the variations explained

The basics: Right message, right people, right place, right time

Planning: The delivery of marketing materials

Personas: Getting ‘under the skin’ of our customers

Inbound marketing: Going digital to attract and convert leads

Insight: Artist and expert - Never underestimate the value of product marketing

ANCHOR FOR take-control

Take control

Putting product management in the driving seat

Product management: Explained in a nutshell

The big issues: What are the big issues that come up again and again?

What smart people and businesses are doing: The 7 things.

Insight: But I'm only a product manager: Take a lead to improve performance.

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ANCHOR FOR strategy


Setting the foundation for effective product plans

Product StrategyWhat is product strategy and why is it important?

10 excuses: Why not to do a product strategy.

Tools for strategy development: Playing to win, Blue Ocean Strategy and others.

Portfolio analysis: Visualise and plan the whole product set.

Insight: More than a vision - it has to deliver.

ANCHOR FOR training


Why it's needed and how to make sure it delivers

Training: The options.

Reviews: Pre-training assessment and analysis.

Topics tube map: The things product managers should know about.

Performance: Making training stick.

Justification: ROI and other models.

Insight: Are you a well-intentioned amateur?

ANCHOR FOR requirements


How to make sure they deliver

Requirements: The big picture.

Market Requirements Document (MRD): Setting the scene.

User-centred requirements: How to write them.

Don't be so demanding: Approaches to help you prioritise.

Be prepared: 6 things to sort out before you start.

Insight: The problem is the problem?

ANCHOR FOR roadmaps


Compelling roadmaps that align everyone to your vision

Roadmaps: How to build the perfect roadmap.

Masterclass: Advanced ideas and strategy including the minimum viable product.

Ideas: Sources and how to prioritise.

Tools: To help you roadmap.

Insight: Do agile and roadmaps conflict?

ANCHOR FOR market-analysis

Market Analysis

Understanding markets, customers and the competition

Market Analysis: How to research and analyse your market.

Talking to customers: What are they really thinking? Interview tips and tricks to help you.

Research: A how-to guide.

Understanding competitors: Who are they and how to compete.

Insight: The analyst racket. Conflicts of interest - a risky game.



And its impact on product managers

Agile: An overview, waterfall and water-scrum-fall.

Scrum: How it works and the implications for the product owner.

Tools: To help you manage requirements and agile projects.

Checklist: How to survive and prosper as a product managers.

Scrum This! Thoughts from the Cranky Product Manager.

Insight: Agile hype, dogma, religious-like zealotory. Is there a bandwagon?

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ANCHOR FOR leading


Product management and product marketing teams

The role: What does a product manager do anyway?

Leadership tools: Using product manager Personas.

Starting up: How to introduce product management for the first time.

How are we doing? Measuring product management.

Carve-up: Splitting responsibilities across multi-national companies.

Insight: What really motivates your team?

ANCHOR FOR pricing


Setting the optimum price. Tips, tactics and theory

How to price: An introduction to the fundamentals of pricing and pricing strategy.

The psychology of pricing: How to get inside your customer's mind.

Pricing structures: What are they and which ones work best?

Software pricing: The terminology and options.

Insight: Take control of your pricing.

ANCHOR FOR business-cases

Business Cases

Create outstanding business cases that deliver results

How to build a business case: A step by step guide.

Top 10 tips when using Excel: To save you time and heartache.

Bad practice. Seven common mistakes.

Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis: A business case that envisions a single outcome will almost certainly be wrong.

Financial terminology: The key financial terms and the concepts.

Insight: Lies, damn lies and business cases.

ANCHOR FOR recession


Stay ahead in a downturn. The product manager's guide

Succeeding in a downturn: How to stay ahead when the market is going down.

Tools for managing requirements: What are they, what do they do?

Outsourcing: Searching for ways to reduce overheads, is outsourcing the answer?

Job searching: What to do if the worst happens. Tips and tricks for product management job hunting.

Insight: Voice of the market. How to make yourself more valuable ...

ANCHOR FOR propositions


How to build sharper propositions that really work

Developing a proposition: A three step guide.

Proposition crib sheet. A great tool to describe your propositions to sales.

Persona profiling: Get into the mind of your customers and understand what they really value.

Thinking big: Propositions for big software products - the challenges.

Listen and learn. How to get real and high quality customer insights.

Insight: If you're not developing them for your business, who is?

ANCHOR FOR launching


Hit the ground running and what not to do

Launching tips: Six critical success factors to make your launch a success.

Go to market checklist: Make sure nothing is missed.

Good timing: Choosing the date to launch your product.

Re-launching: A golden opportunity for you?

Taking the lead: Getting the most from lead customers at launch.

Insight: Maintaining momentum after launch.

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Overnight after the training it became easier to raise issues, and design decisions. I can thank the exercises and discussions in class. In future I look forward to applying a few of the techniques when talking with customers, and gaining their feedback on first release…  
Roy Matthews - Business Analyst, Dunnhumby
Thanks so much for running this course. I cannot even begin to tell you how helpful it was for me. I now feel equipped with the tools I need to do a great job. Many thanks!
Sam Cassidy - Product Manager, John Wiley & Sons
Well structured content and solid theory. Makes a massive difference when the presenters are passionate about their subject. Highly recommended for product managers of all abilities and experience.
Andrew Scarborough - Product Marketing Manager, Bottomline Technologies
The tools, templates and checklists provided are super useful. I love the fact that they’re changeable so I can easily adjust them to my company’s way of working.
Karin Kuster - Product Manager, Iddink Group
We recently used Product Focus to deliver some excellent bespoke training to our Product and Marketing team and the feedback was really great – thank you!
Hanna Smith - HR Director, Madgex
Anyone who would benefit from understanding the role of product management should attend this course. One of the best training courses I have done, the pace was just right, it was very interesting and engaging. Never boring.
Conor Tweed - Product Analyst, Realex Payments
Excellent course, wish I'd done this a year ago when I started as a PM. It would’ve changed my view on leaving product management, but decision already made!
Cheryl Paterson - Product Manager, Allocate Software
A great course delivered by a dynamic and knowledgeable expert with real world industry experience. I believe regardless of their experience level anyone would learn something new. Best investment I have made for my team and business this year.
Phil Hornby - Head of PM Platforms, Diagnostics & Services, Continental
Please do everything you can to leave your day jobs at the door and fully engage in this course. I did it in September and can honestly say it is the most useful training I’ve done in my career.
Will North - Product Management Director, Callcredit (Will attended a Public Course then arranged Private Training for his team)
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much more than I expected! I've recommended you to a number of colleagues. The templates on the USB stick are proving extremely useful.
Andrew Sayle - Product Focus Certified Product Manager, Zen Internet

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