We have worked with a huge range of companies developing enterprise software products.

Many struggle with how to develop high-quality enterprise-grade software, product customization and how to handle technical debt. And, typically these companies have a strong focus on product management.

The challenges we see depend on many factors including the size of target customers, company structure and development approach. They include:-

  • Maturing the product management role to become more leading and strategic within the business
  • Maximizing the value of agile development in a business run in a waterfall way
  • Getting the balance right between bespoke customer work and the efficiencies of a product-based approach

Many companies have run private on-site training courses for their teams. This has helped establish a common way of working and address specific issues. Others have sent participants to our public courses where they get a chance to learn with peers from other industries. Some have asked us to come in and to review their product function.