We have worked with a wide spectrum of companies in the Manufacturing industry.

If you work in the manufacturing sector, you will face challenges that are not seen by those working on the management of software-only products. Some of the challenges we have seen include:

  • Balancing the need for speed to market against the high costs of failure from product recall or on-site rectification
  • The importance of product quality, requirement traceability, and risk management
  • Introducing a product culture and minimizing the high cost of getting the right product of the right quality to market
  • The challenges across the lifecycle for in-life optimization, product refresh, and product withdrawal
  • Engaging with manufacturing on forecasting many product SKUs and dealing with issues related to supply chain complexity
  • Managing interactions with third party products, firmware, and apps

Read our blog on some of the key challenges faced and how to address them.

We recently ran a webinar on Product Management in the Manufacturing Sector.  See the recording below.


Many companies have run private on-site training courses for their teams. This has helped establish a common way of working and addressed specific issues. Others have sent delegates to our public courses where they get a chance to learn with peers from other industries.