Information and Technology Services

We have worked with a wide range of companies in the Information and Technology Services industry.

The challenges faced by product managers and product marketers in these companies vary, but some of the common issues we’ve seen include:

  • Demonstrating the value that product management brings to the business
  • Getting the market insight to be able to provide a balanced recommendation of what’s best for the product and business
  • Maturing the product management role to become more pro-active and strategic within the business

Many companies have run private on-site training courses for their teams. This has helped them to establish a common way of working and address specific issues. Others have sent participants to our public courses where they get a chance to learn with peers from other industries.



See more examples in our Client List.

Client Testimonials

“6 months on – I think your product management course must have been the most valuable course of my career so far. I have used much of the material on the USB key and your analogy of being the CEO of the product really helps.”
Ellie Ryan, Product Manager, Thomson Reuters

“Overall very good and very useful. It helped me with the foundations, core and structure of my role and I look forward to getting back into the office to use my new skills.”
Gavin Murphy, Product Manager, KCOM

“Many thanks again for an excellent, informative and interesting course. As I mentioned on Friday I will certainly be sending any new product managers to you as and when they come on board!”
Paul Prior, SVP Product Strategy & Client Engagement, Sysnet Global Solutions

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