What would you tell yourself?

I shudder to think how little I knew when I first started out in product management. Although at the time I’m pretty sure I thought I knew it all.

We set ourselves the challenge of asking “If I could have stood in front of a mirror and told myself 2 things when I first started out – what would they have been?”

We both scratched our heads, tried to be honest and came up with two each …

1. Spend time working out what customers really want – that’s the real basis of success

2. Work on a product in a fast growing market – no matter what you do, chances are that you will look good (cynical I know, but not entirely without truth)


1. Just because someone is more senior than you it doesn’t mean they’re automatically right

2. Get some training. Product management skills so you know what to do and soft skills so you can get things done. (OK, we’re biased, but it’s why we started Product Focus)

If you’d like to add your own – just leave a reply below.

Ian Lunn
Director, Product Focus

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