product management job

18 Jul 2022

Product Management Recruitment

Finding a new good product manager can be a challenging task. And, it can take a lot of time and effort to go through the recruitment process. In this webinar…

The Matrix green coding

30 Dec 2019

Accountability in a matrix environment

Changing from traditional ‘top-down’ models of management to a more matrix approach can be a challenge. How can you be sure you are empowering your teams, while also keeping the…

Mother elephant with tiny baby

10 Jul 2018

Enterprise vs Consumer product management

How different is B2B product management compared to B2C product management? To help answer this question we’re showcasing a great blog from Rich Mironov which explores these differences in some…

Role clarity for product managers

15 May 2018

Are you the first product manager?

If you’re the first product manager in a business or are introducing product management into a company for the first time – you face some big challenges! Read on for…

Product Management Dashboard from Product Focus

11 Apr 2018

Product Management Dashboard

Our Product Management Dashboard is a unique tool that we use when reviewing product management at our clients. Use it to identify key challenges, discuss what’s going wrong and to…