10 Jul 2018

Enterprise vs Consumer product management

How different is B2B product management compared to B2C product management? To help answer this question we’re showcasing a great blog from Rich Mironov which explores these differences in some…

15 May 2018

Are you the first product manager?

If you’re the first product manager in a business or are introducing product management into a company for the first time – you face some big challenges! Read on for…

27 Feb 2018

Product Management Maturity Model

Our Product Management Maturity Model has been refined based on the work we’ve done with a variety of technology companies over the past few years. It’s always nice to know…

2 Sep 2015

How to control your launch date

What does the word ‘launch’ mean in your company? Find out how to split your launch date into ready-to-tell, ready-to-trial, ready-to-sell and ready-for-service to get more control.