The B2B Innovator’s Map

Most new enterprise software products fail to generate a profit.

But not because of technical challenges, budget, or market conditions. They fail because most companies build products that customers don’t want to buy – so claims Daniel Elizalde in his book, ‘The B2B Innovator’s Map.’

Daniel Elizalde is a product executive turned coach, advisor, and expert in understanding the ins and outs of building enterprise software products. In this Product Focus webinar, he explored providing a practical framework to accelerate your path through the B2B innovation journey, including:

  • Why do new B2B products often fail to generate a profit?
  • Why product-market fit is a useless metric and what companies should focus on instead (delivering value to the first ten customers).
  • Overview of the six stages of the B2B Innovator’s Map and how they apply to enterprise software and IoT solutions.

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