So how do you see your job?

Are you a cog in the machine? You receive instructions from above, then develop a proposition, or write a business case before moving on to the next task?

Or are you the CEO of your product? Working within a bigger organization but taking responsibility for every aspect of your product and doing whatever it takes to be successful?

We would veer towards the latter but it does have implications …

If you take on the approach of ultimate responsibility you’ll find yourself involved in areas of the business that might resent your presence. ‘You get on with your job and we’ll get on with ours’ you’ll hear’.

However, it’s equally likely that they will see an easy way of passing on some of the work they should be doing to product management. If you do pick things up that are naturally the responsibility of other departments – be careful. Although it may start out only as a temporary measure we know from bitter experience it can be very difficult to pass things back once a precedence is established.

Ian Lunn
Director, Product Focus


Job spec cartoon

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