Bruce McCarthy is co-author of Product Roadmaps Relaunched and has some great insights into what works (and doesn’t) with roadmaps.

As Bruce says…

“There are multiple frameworks and tools designed to help us understand what to build, but somehow we still ship products that don’t gain traction. While we like to think we’re following the best practices, what actually happens in most teams is – Build, Ship, Build, Ship, etc.

The roadmap gets a lot of blame for this culture. Whether people think the roadmaps themselves are bad or think they are good tools that are simply misunderstood or misused, it is pretty clear that there is something wrong with roadmaps.”

Listen to the Webinar recording

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In this webinar, Bruce tells us:

  • why we ship the wrong thing
  • what a roadmap is and is not
  • the 5 components of a good roadmap
  • how to gain alignment on your roadmap

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