A superb product manager

Sometimes you see a really good product manager and ask yourself what is it that makes them so damn good?

After scratching our heads – this is our list of 8 things.

It would be nice to have 10 so let us know what you would add…

1. Passion:

cares about the customer, the market, the competition and the success of their product. Enthuses others to do the same.

2. Great at networking:

plugged into lots of people to get insights, data points and to influence stakeholders.

3. Thinks big:

identifies the things that will make the biggest difference to the product and that are aligned with business strategy

4. Accountable:

sets appropriate expectations for the product and takes accountability for its success. Holds others to deliver on their accountabilities.

5. Able to focus:

recognises that 80% of the value comes from 20% of what they do and is able to say ‘no’ diplomatically to requests with small impact.

6. Delivers:

makes a plan and delivers against it, grinding things out and doing what’s necessary to deliver on their promises.

7. Expert compromiser:

able to make trade-offs and prioritisation calls to balance market needs against internal issues, strategic goals and tactical imperatives.

8. Good communicator:

makes a case for product plans and strategy that is simple, clear and irrefutable. Is credible in front of an audience.

Ian Lunn
Director, Product Focus


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