We know from our training courses that product management and product marketing roles are set up differently in nearly every business.

If you’re new to the role it’s often difficult to understand what’s going on and where you fit.

To help, we use this diagram. It shows the three major types of activities – strategic, inbound and outbound, that cover all the product-based activities that must take place in any business that sells products.

We then break this down into thirty specific activities such as market research, writing requirements and launch planning so you can understand where what you do fits.

Some roles are more inbound and technical – working with the development and support teams to help the business deliver the product. Other roles are more outbound focused – working with the Market Communications teams and channels to help sell the product.

In bigger companies, there is always a variety of people across the business picking up different bits. It’s very rare for one person to be responsible for everything except in the smallest of companies – and if they are, then usually they’re the CEO.

You can probably identify the broad focus of your role within the diagram but are you clear when it comes to specific responsibilities? Which product-based activities are yours, which are picked up by others… and which may be being missed altogether?

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Andrew Dickenson
Director, Product Focus


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