We first launched our Product Management Maturity Assessment Model in 2014. Since then we’ve refined and updated it a number of times based on the work we’ve done with a variety of technology companies.

Now we’ve developed a new infographic for our Product Management Maturity Model which you can download here.

Download Infographic

We think it always helps to know what ‘good’ looks like. So we’re sharing this to help you work out how you’re doing compared to industry best practice.

The 3 columns represent the different levels of an Immature, Managed or Leading product management function.

The 5 rows represent the 5 areas we believe are critical for success. On the infographic, each area has a checklist of questions to understand more about how you’re doing.

You can use the model to review the maturity of product management in your company.

Product Management Maturity Model centre


Our experience is that the level of maturity required will depend on the size and complexity of your business. And most businesses find that their level of maturity varies across the 5 different areas.

Also, performance within a company will vary over time and across the business. We often find some pockets of excellence and yet other areas that are woefully deficient.

However, we do find this model is a useful tool as it moves the discussion on from talking about symptoms i.e. late deliveries or poor product revenues, to looking at what the root causes might be.

And if you’d like to find out more, as a product function leader why not attend our Leading Product Management course.

Ian Lunn
Director, Product Focus

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