9 Mar 2018

In defence of the HiPPO

We talk about dealing with Hi.P.P.O.s (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) on our training course but this blog introduces a new animal to be feared – the Z.E.B.R.A. Here are 3 reasons why we might…

27 Feb 2018

Product Management Maturity Model

Our Product Management Maturity Model has been refined based on the work we’ve done with a variety of technology companies over the past few years. It’s always nice to know…

23 Jan 2018

From projects to products

Does the next customer deal drive development priorities? Do Sales and Senior Management sell whatever the customer wants? Are costs spiralling and profits falling? We explain the challenges of moving…

28 Sep 2017

The winning aspiration

Want to win? Why not build your product strategy on the ideas in this very successful book. It’s about having a winning aspiration which quite simply means how do you…

7 Jun 2017

How websites trick you

Sometimes companies do things on their websites that are designed to deliberately mislead us. They are known as dark patterns – but are they good or bad design?